Third Class

The Bronze Age

We learned about the Bronze Age in history.  The Bronze Age people were skilled metal workers and discovered by adding tin to copper, they could make a much harder and more useful metal called bronze. We created our own Bronze Age artefacts using salt dough.


Literacy Lift Off

We are working hard during out Literacy Lift Off. We have four different stations daily over four weeks. We are focusing on reading, handwriting, comprehension and creative writing.  At our creative writing station we are our own stories and learning how to use amazing adjectives to make our written work more descriptive and interesting to read.




We have just completed our individual projects on Australia

We now know lots of interesting facts about Australia.


  • It is the largest island in the world
  • It is the smallest continent
  • It has over 750 types of snakes
  • Most people live along the coast




In SPHE we learned that we are all different and we have the right to be happy and play in school. Our class motto is

“We are all different but we all swim together”




We learned how sound travels in science. Sound travels in the same way as the ripples of water in a pool travel. We were able to demonstrate this using a tuning fork. When we hit the tuning fork it oscillates and transmits sound. When we put it in to water it created a wave motion on the water surface.

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