Senior Infants

Halloween is Here!

Senior infants had lots of fun in October preparing for Halloween. They made some scary witches and spooky pumpkins which were brilliant as decorations in our classroom, even the door was re-vamped!




On Tour!

Our infant classes recently went to Causey Farm on their school tour. They had a super day and great fun. Here are the photos to prove it.





Aistear in Bloom

Ms. Traynor’s Senior Infants took their Aistear lesson outdoors when the sun finally came out! They were perfect gardeners, digging, watering and pulling and planting! They even managed to make mud on the hottest day of the year so far. They would certainly give all those gardeners up at Bloom a run for their money!






Weather Watchers!

Ms. Traynor’s Senior infants are delighted that spring has arrived! They have been watching the weather very carefully lately and are ready for some changes! They expect to see the sun shining more brightly and for a little longer each day. They also expect the wind to blow more softly! They have made beautiful suns and rainbows to shine in their classroom. But don’t worry they also made lovely umbrellas just in case the rain comes!

People at Work!

Ms. Traynor’s Senior Infants have been learning all about people at work this month. They know the names of lots of people who help us and where they work. They have also had great fun pretending to be people at work during their Aistear time. They spent lots of time doing a special art project where they got to make their own person at work. Ms. Traynor now has a lot more people in her class including chefs, builders, nurses, Gardaí and firefighters!

 St. Brigid’s Day

Ms. Traynor’s Senior Infants were looking forward to the arrival of St. Brigid’s Day. They know that this special Irish saint brings the spring! They had great fun hearing some special stories about St. Brigid like St. Brigid and the Apples and St. Brigid’s Cloak. Thank you to the boys and girls who took in some rushes for Ms. Traynor so she could show the boys and girls how to make a cross just like the one St. Brigid used to teach about God.

The Ugly Duckling!


Ms. Traynor’s Senior Infants love listening to stories, especially fairytales! They love the story of the Ugly Duckling and had great fun retelling it themselves! They also had great fun making their very own ugly duckling, who was a swan after all!


Ms. Traynor is a natural.



















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