Second Class

Birds of Prey

During the month of March we were learning about birds. Today we had a special visitor to the school to show us his birds of prey. The birds were beautiful and very well behaved in school!


‘Friends for Life’

The Second class are currently completing the ‘Friends for Life programme which is a school-based positive mental health programme.  The programme helps students to develop effective strategies to deal with worry, stress and change and teaches the skills required to reduce anxiety and promote resilience. The children are really enjoying the weekly lessons and it is having a positive impact on our class as a whole.


Earlier this year the children planted cress, baby carrots and runner beans as part of the ‘Sow and Grow campaign. The cress grew very quickly and the children brought them home to make delicious salads. The carrots continue to grow in our classroom and the runner beans have found a new home in our school garden. It was a job transporting them from the classroom to the garden!!



Road Safety

It’s all about road safety in our new school! What a great day to explore our new footpaths and remind ourselves of the rules when crossing the road.






This week the children enjoyed baking Valentines Day buns. They were delicious! Although they were a special treat for all the mums and dads, it was very tempting not to gobble them up ourselves!


















During the month of January the children in second class learned about Ancient Egypt.