Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback Forms. 2015/16

Thank you to all who returned the parent feedback forms. 138 were returned and read by a group of 6 comprising of 4 members of staff and 2 parents.  The feedback was once again very positive and reinforced the fact that the school and its staff continues to be held in high regard by the parent body.  The criticisms when expressed were both constructive and respectful.

Many parents commented that the school is well run with very good channels of communication between school and parents, has excellent teachers and very good discipline.  Positive comment was also made about the many aspects of Green Schools, the wide variety of sports children engage in including Be Active, spikeball, tennis, handball and skipping. Parents also praised the different literacy and numeracy initiatives running in the school and the willingness of teachers to give up their own time voluntarily.  Very positive feedback was also received on the high standards of music, dance and drama in the school.  The annual pantomime and Spirit of Christmas merited special mention.

26% of parents would like more regular information about their child’s progress at school.  There was a similar percentage 2 years ago. In an effort to provide more regular information we have introduced the blue homework diary for senior classes, the Infant teachers now formally meet parents twice annually and school reports are sent home earlier to facilitate further discussion.  Staff will now discuss how this might be further improved. Some parents made positive comments about the blog but suggested that it might be updated more regularly. We will endeavour to do this.

Some concern was expressed about children in the yard on wet or cold mornings.  This is an issue for many schools and our BOM has recognised it as such.  In an effort to alleviate it we moved our school opening time from 9.20 to 9am some years ago and the board also provided a purpose built shelter for use on wet mornings. Children assemble in the shelter and are then brought inside once the shelter is full.  The school cannot accept responsibility for children before 8.50am, indeed many schools in urban areas now keep their gates shut until the school’s official opening time.

92% of parents want their child to have a school uniform.  78% prefer the present tracksuit type uniform to a more formal version. 43% of parents would like a generic formal uniform.  A number of parents expressed concern about the price of the current uniform.  We introduced a cheaper version of the uniform twice in the past and it resulted on both occasions with an avalanche of complaints.  This feedback is now available to the Parents Assoc for further consideration.


Key Questions. Agree Disagree
1. My child enjoys school. 99%


2. My child gets an appropriate amount of homework. 91% 9%
3. My child likes reading 96%


4. I listen to my child read regularly 96%


5. My child likes to write stories 93%


6. I get good information about reading 93%


7. My child likes Maths 93%


8. I play numeracy based games with my child 90%


9. My 5th/6th Class child solves problems on the blog 85% 15%
10. I get good information about Maths 93%


11. My child likes P.E. 100%


12. My child should do more P.E. 83%


13. I get good information about P.E. 77%


11. I get regular information about my child’s progress at school 74% 26%
2. I am aware of who is on BOM.


85% 15%
3. I am aware of who is on Parents Assoc.


83%  17%
4. I am happy my child attends a Catholic school with a Catholic ethos. 97%  3%
5. The school has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 100%  
6. The school is kept clean and in good order 96%


7. School Uniforms a) Our school should have a uniform 92%  18%
b) I prefer the present tracksuit to a more formal uniform 78% 22%
c) Would like a generic, formal uniform


43% 57%


Literacy Lift Off Feedback.

Improves confidence. Children really enjoy it. Wish it was every day!

Great for reading, creative writing, poetry and stories.

Really helped my child’s imagination. My child now has a great interest in making up stories.

Encouraged my child to read outside of school.

Thank you for all your efforts.


Ready, Set, Go Maths/Aistear/AL

Play element helps children settle at school.

Excellent programmes. Children really enjoyed them.

Enjoyed RSGM workshop


 Homework Club

Great idea, Well run. Very useful. Good value for money. iPads are great.

Like the fun activity when homework is done.

Need more notice of change of times/days.

Needs to be consistent and reliable. Clear notice of location and teacher.

More help needed. Children making mistakes.


Bullying Feedback.

Very positive feedback overall.

Very well managed. Issues dealt with quickly.

Staff very approachable.

Excellent policy clearly explained.

Disclosure forms are v good but should be to all classes.

Some subtle issues difficult to deal with and may be missed.