Board of Management

BOM Annual Report to Parents.


This is the seventh annual report from the BOM of Saint Kilian’s N.S., to the general parent body.  Its aim is to improve communication between the BOM and parents and to raise awareness of the work of the board in line with the requirements of the Education Act. 


The Board of Management.


The board is made up of eight members – two parents’ representatives, two community representatives, two members of our teaching staff (one being the principal) and two Patron’s nominees.  Each B.O.M. runs for a four year term.  The present board’s term began in November 2015. Elections are held to assemble a new board every 4 years.

The board presently exists as follows:

Parent Representatives:  Cathal Boylan, Autumn Wirth.


Community Representatives:  Peter Cooney, Pamela Harney.


Teaching Representatives:  Emily Brennan, Ronan Mac Namara.


Patron’s Nominee:  Fr. John Gilhooly, Eamonn Carolan.


Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection:  Ronan Mac Namara.


Deputy Liaison Person for Child Protection:  Marie Finn.


Officers on the Board.

Chairperson: Eamonn Carolan

Secretary: Ronan Mac Namara

Treasurer: Pamela Harney

Maintenance Officer: Emily Brennan.

Capital Projects Officer: Cathal Boylan

Safety Officer: Peter Cooney.

Parents’ Rep. Autumn Wirth


Work of the Board.

The present Board of Management met formally on eight occasions during the school year 2016/17.  Members of the board visit the school frequently, in particular the chairperson, treasurer and safety officer.                                

The board’s design team sub-committee comprising of Cathal Boylan, Eamonn Carolan, Ronan Mac Namara, Fr Gilhooly and Peter Cooney had a very busy year as the oversaw the completion of the school’s building project.

The board this year in line with our Communications Policy, met with the Parents’ Assoc. to review the work done over the previous year and plan for the year ahead.

The board carried out its annual Bullying Audit in line with the school’s Bullying Policy. The board also reviewed the following policies i) Child Protection ii) Anti Bullying iii) Class Allocation Policy. The following were also ratified  i) Physical Intervention Plan ii) Swimming Policy. The board  carried out its annual review of the school’s standardised test results for Literacy and Numeracy.  The school is performing ahead of national norms for both.  All policies are available on the school’s blog, or from the office.



Building Project.


Thursday 17th September 2015 saw the first sod finally turned on the school’s new building project by Ms. Monnelly, Deputy Principal.  The project under the guidance of architects  Kenny, Lyons Associates Architects from Tullamore, Co Offaly along with Ganson Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd.,  Balbriggan our builders, ran very smoothly.  The school opened its doors to receive pupils at the end of November 2016, comfortably ahead of schedule.

 The overall cost of the project was €5 million. The 16 classroom school includes a General Purpose Room, library, support teaching rooms, staff room and other ancillary accommodation. Also included in the design is dedicated accommodation and play areas for Spraoi the school’s ASD Unit. The site-works include two ball-courts and junior play area, informal grass play areas, landscaping, boundary treatments, pedestrian and vehicle access and car parks.  We also have an astro turf playing surface around the back which was paid for jointly by the Board of Management, Run for Funds and the Parents Association.  An outdoor classroom and geodome designed by artist Fiona Murphy sits proudly on the hill behind the school.

The board would like to thank its design team sub-committee and in particular Cathal Boylan for his unstinting support and guidance throughout the building process.




Spraoi now has 3 classes catering for 18 children with ASD.  We have a pre-school and two primary classes. Spraoi has a staff of 11, comprising of 3 teachers and 8 SNAs.  Spraoi is currently full.




We have at present 23 teachers, 14 classroom teachers, 5 support teachers, 3 teachers in Spraoi and the principal.  Due to rising enrolments we gained a 14th classroom teacher in September.  We presently have 367 pupils enrolled and will have no difficulty retaining this teacher over the short term. The school also employs 10 SNAs, 2 bus escorts, a full time secretary, two part time cleaners and a caretaker.


The Board acknowledges the dedication and sense of vocation displayed by our whole staff every day at school.  In particular this year we acknowledge their efforts in ensuring the smooth transition from the old school to the new.  We thank them for making our official opening on 19th May such a memorable occasion for all, especially the children. We commend their flexibility and willingness to participate in after school activities such as the many sporting activities children are involved in, the school plant sale, 6th Class barbecue and farewell evening, preparation of classes for the sacraments, school choirs, charity events, Run for Funds, swimming, handball, the many Green School activities, quizzes, the pantomime, Spirit of Christmas, concerts, plays and book fairs.  Well done to the ancillary staff, Angela and Bridget, who keep the school and its grounds very well all year round.

The board would like to thank all those who contributed to our very successful Run for Funds event which took place in June. €5,000 was raised which will now be spent on resources for the pupils. We also congratulate Mr. Mc Niffe, Ms. Power and their 6th Classes who last year raised an amazing total of €3000 for our local St. Vincent de Paul branch. We congratulate Ms. Gogarty and Ms. Power who were instrumental in setting up the school’s first student council. We thank Cllr. Shane P. O Reilly for all his help and guidance with this project. The student council has been working very hard and have already made a valuable contribution to the school. Well done to the Spraoi staff on organising a very successful and enjoyable Blue Day for Autism.  Finally a special thanks to all staff for helping our school achieve very commendable results for both Literacy and Numeracy.  The school continues to achieve scores ahead of national norms for both.


Parents Association.


The B.O.M would like to thank the Parents’ Assoc for their work and support throughout the year.  The school, children and staff benefit from their tremendous support which comes in many forms.  They held a number of fundraisers this year and some of the ways this money was spent to benefit our school included

 A donation towards the €7,000 cost of our Astro Turf playing surface,

 Purchase of Buddy Benches & Yard Games,

 Ice cream days for children

 Purchase of Time Capsule

 Producing the Spirit of Christmas DVD

 Providing refreshments at various events throughout the school calendar

 Contribution towards the 6th class BBQ

 Contribution to the establishment of the new Student Council


The Sponsor a Tree campaign for completion of gardens and school grounds was a fantastic idea and a great success. Thank you to all the families and local businesses that supported this project.  It is great to see the trees and shrubs already maturing and enhancing our environment.  We would like to acknowledge the work of Daphne Shackleton and Conor Shaffrey in assisting with this venture.




  Enrolment Average Attendance Average     %
2016/17 64,405    353.9 60,739    334    94.3%
2015/16 62,700    346.4 58,561    324    93.4%
2014/15 68,608    366.9 62,226    342    90.7%
2013/14 66,140    365.4 62,325    344.33    94.2%
2012/13 67,919    371.1 64,205    350.8    94.5%
2011/12 65,577    362.3 62,061    342.9    94.6%
2010/11 62,312    346.2 58,045    322.5    93.2%
2009/10 60,389    344.5 57,035    325.9    94.4%

Our total enrolment is beginning to rise again with 3 years of successive growth.  We had 349 pupils enrolled for the school year 2015/16, 19 fewer than the previous year.  This number increased in 2016/17 to 356.  We presently have 367 pupils, this in spite of 54 children leaving 6th Class in June – the largest class we have ever had. Our number includes 18 children presently attending Spraoi, many of whom would not be attending St. Kilian’s were it not for this facility.  44 enrolled in Junior Infants in September.  We appointed a 14th mainstream teacher last month and will have no difficulty retaining this teacher over the next few years.

 The average attendance for the past year was 94.3%.  The board would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that children missing in excess of 20 days are reported to the Tusla, Child and Family Agency.




The financial management of our school is conducted in strict compliance with guidelines set out by the Dept. of Education and Skills.  The full set of accounts is examined by the school’s accountants annually who certify that they are true.  The treasurer presents up to date accounts at each Board of Management meeting.  School finances are kept under strict control.  The board acknowledges the valuable contribution parents and the Parents’ Association make towards helping to fund school activities. 

Copies of the annual school accounts are available in the school.




In an effort to enhance communication between the school and the parent body a meeting of the new parents was held in June followed by a coffee morning and information meeting for the infant parents during the first term.

The new school hosted 2 open days for parents and the general public.

Masses and meetings for children in 2nd and 6th Class were held at regular intervals over the year.  3 whole school Masses were celebrated, at Christmas, summer and during Catholic Schools Week.

Our 6th Class children hosted a very successful coffee morning for their parents in aid of St. Vincent de Paul.

A barbecue and farewell celebration was held in the school grounds for 6th class in June. The staff and parents of the children in Spraoi met informally on 2 occasions over the course of the year for coffee and a chat. The principal met with the parents formally as part of a consultation process in drawing up the Physical Intervention Plan.  

Formal parent teacher meetings were held as normal in November and February. 

School report cards were sent during the second last week of the final term to facilitate parents who wished to meet teachers.


The board congratulates the school staff on the publication of 2 very informative and entertaining school newsletters during the school year and for the blog which keeps us all abreast of the latest news.  Well done to the Parents Assoc on producing an excellent newsletter during the final term.


The school’s Staff, Parent Communication Policy is posted on the school blog.


 Book Rental.


The Book Rental Scheme has proven to be very successful and has made a considerable financial difference to many families.  Book rental now includes Second Class.  The board would like to acknowledge and thank Liz O Connell and our Special Needs Assistants who work tirelessly to ensure all books are ready for use in September.




Saint Kilian’s N.S. is a Catholic primary school which strives to provide children with the basic training they need so that they will grow to be integrated members of the community and self-reliant individuals.

The BOM would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the community who actively support and assist the school in fulfilling this aim.

The Board acknowledges the excellent behaviour of the children at school.  We thank them for coming to school each day ready and fully equipped for the day ahead.  We are very proud of the feedback we continue to receive from post primary schools concerning the academic and extra curricular achievements of our past pupils. 


Signed ______________________.

             Chairperson BOM.


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