First/Second Class

Second class are busy preparing for their First Confession. It takes place on Wednesday 14th March at 7:30pm. 

                                                                                        ” I didn’t show love when…”


Today members of the Brownies and Ladybirds wore their uniforms into school to celebrate World Thinking Day. (Thursday 22/02/18)

In January the children learned all about Tom Crean and his exploration to the South Pole. This mind map shows the fact they learned about his life. 


We went to visit Hetti, Patsey, Mini and Beatrice! The children are very excited about the hens and take great care of them.


One of the projects we have completed this year was on Italy. It was a huge hit with the children…they even wanted to ask Mr MacNamara if we could go to Italy on our school tour!!!!

Aspects of the project included:

  • Learning Italian words
  • Recongising tourist attractions in Italy
  • Making pizzas
  • Learning about Florence Nightingale
  • Recreating a portrait of The Mona Lisa
  • Learning about Pompeii
  • Making volcanos using paper mache
  • Erupting volcanoes 

The children love to complete new pieces of art using a variety of materials!  


Our theme for the month of October was Houses and Homes. We learned about different types of houses and homes as well as what materials are used to build houses and homes. The children conducted a science experiment to make  a concrete block each. The materials used were sand, water, cement powder, stones and an empty butter tub. We left the concrete to set for a week. The children were delighted with the result! 

We said goodbye to our Deputy Principal Ms Monnelly on the 29th of September. The boys and girls shared their memories of working with Ms Monelly during Oxford Reading Tree and Ready Set Go Maths. Each child held up a letter to make the sentence “We will really miss you Ms Monnelly”. 

The boys and girls in Ms. Clinton’s First and Second class learned all about the artist Pablo Picasso. They worked very hard to create self portraits using oil pastels!

Our topic this month in Religion and SPHE has been all about friendship. The children created a mini version of themselves using paint, wool, fabric and fibre!




























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